NOOK, Barnes & Noble
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Storyboard for differing lighting scenarios

Spec for a prototype variation for user testing

User flow Overview for Search

UX Designer
October 2011 - April 2012
Most recently I worked on the upcoming Holiday release for the NOOK Tablet as the Lead UX Designer for the Shopping (content discovery) and Global Search areas of the device. Working with bookseller domain experts, engineering, and product management I completely redesigned the current experience to create a useful and inspiring interface driven by a new and innovative recommendations and discovery engine. Beyond the obvious challenges of working within a touch-based interface it was interesting to work with engineering to maintain a cohesive responsive experience when mixing native JAVA and HTML5/Javascript within a single app on this custom ROM built on top of Android ICS. Previously, I led the UX for the release of the SimpleTouch with Glowlight, B&N’s latest e-reader. Working with E Ink technology has it’s own set of challenges but the final product came out with great success.

Time Magazine wrote, “It’s the most usable, well-rounded, pleasing E Ink e-reader so far.”

My process included: Leading cross-functional whiteboard sessions, helping to define user testing protocols, helping to define requirements, wireframing, leading on-device rapid prototyping, working with Visual Design to retain product branding, and assisting on QA till the final production build.