Hi, I'm Scott.

I'm a San Francisco based, 10+ year veteran to design. Starting as a web designer and programmer I moved to the more specialized areas of UX and UI design. As a practitioner of user-centered design I believe that user research and user testing are the backbone to any successful design methodology.

I also think that usability, as a term, is a bit overused. To me, most micro-task usability has been pretty well figured out and patterned. You can follow certain design patterns and solutions and generally garner a great amount of usability. What I try to focus on equally are Usefulness and User Experience. Are the features engaging and useful? If they aren't, how can I compliment the functionality with purposeful design? And what is the overall experience the user has with the product? It's those 3 things: Usability, Usefulness and Experience that will make or break a product. A little luck and some good PR never hurts either.

My experience with product design includes: consumer web applications, enterprise software for data-intensive business applications and I have roots in Flash with experimental navigation and interaction patterns.

I think in Photoshop shortcut keys. Work briskly in Omnigraffle. Dig guerilla usability testing. Am teaching myself Ruby on Rails. Recently certified as an Agile Product Owner. Just won an Interactive Media Award (IMA 2010). Currently probably eating something.